Dat scan


I've recently been diagnosed with atypical Parkinsonism... I'm having a dat scan tomorrow and was wondering what to expect and if it's a claustrophobic procedure? 


Hi Helz

I did not find it in the least claustrophobic, you have to wait for quite a while after the dye until the actual scan but it's nearly 5 years since I had mine,it may not be the same now.

I am sure you will get on fine,

Best wishes Anne 

Hi Helz, I had a DATscan 5 years ago and it was nothing, compared to the MRI scan........not claustrophobic. You have to lie still for about 25 mins., while a camera device slowly goes round your head taking images of your brain. It's quite close to your face, but not like going into the tomb of darkness!! Hope all goes well for you.