Dating with pd

What do you think about dating with PD?
what do you think about dating for bald,fat,shortsighted scotsmen with very bad table manners and psoriasis in unusual places? A little PD just adds another interesting conversation topic over dinner.

seriously, if dating required a doctor's certificate, cheap restaurants would be empty.
I gave up dating with pd several years ago - it is now a lifelong partnership for me!!
Seriously though, it is important to continue with normal life as long as posssible. Keep up the dating and long may you enjoy yourself.

i used to think cus i got pd,im goin to wear the person down ,its not fair on them ,there goin to be givin up there life to look after me.but now i dont ,i now think if that person loves you,or wonts to share there life with you ,i say it it a go now,lifes to short to mess about,you can get nocked down and die,and wot have you achived ,nothing in your life,kept puttin it off,wot ,and ifs.i say go for it.there is always someone out there for you,the hard part is finding them.mind you ,if you dont look,they come to you,sometimes rite under your nose,a friend you did not no they felt that way about you.:smile:
If you meet someone and you are both attracted to each other then why not go on a date. To tell them about your PD is a personal choice. For me I would, so if they run off then it's their loss not yours..Life goes on so still live it the best way you can.


Hi i would love to date but fine it hard to as soon as you say the pd word then thats it so if there is any one with pd and would like to go for a drink let me know i live in bristol.sorry ment to say i am 59 and i am hopeing that some one out there will give me a looking

Dating for me has become a problem, maybe just not found the right girl but I get chattin online build up a good conversation then when it comes to actually dating i think it's only fair to mention PD then nothing they just don't want to know. Any advice would be helpful or anyone fancy a drink sometime lol. Please browse my profile. big grin



When i started dating my gf 7 yrs or so ago now i already knew she was ill, i accepted that she was and it didn't make a difference too me, i fell in love with the person, i cared for her, in fact i did almost everything for her over time, we used too joke that i was her 'butler'. i liked too be busy anyway.thats who i was. and she cared and loved me for who i am, i'm not perfect, so many people seek perfection in Dating!?. perhaps that is where they go wrong?. or try to change to person they met into a image of something they wern't, neither of us did that.

And then I became ill, it was difficult caring for her & trying too look after myself, but love never tired.

Now i am on my own again i'd never choose to be without Clare  we were just sposed too grow old together, I thought i'd go first and she would be well looked after comfortable for the rest of her life if that's how it played out. life is very empty without her,without purpose, there was and only ever will be one Clare, I had found and she had found all we ever wanted in Life.

Dont know if there's any advice in my ramblings, but that's my take on Dating.

Sea Angler, I have read some of your previous posts and your commitment to your partner always shone through. I am so sorry to read this latest post. Your words  are so honest and heartfelt and I don't know what to say because anything I think of sounds cliched, but your words really made me think. 
I haven't got the energy, physically or emotionally, for serious 'dating'.  Hormonal mood swings and PD don't seem to be a very attractive proposition- that's not to mention the dress sense, shoddy housekeeping and occasional affinity for peaty whisky (totally in check - too expensive not to be :-/ ) This means that I haven't had recent experience of the extreme sadness of a relationship that ends too soon - or the highs of the good times. For me, however, I suspect that bodding along on my own was always the best approach; I may blame the PD for a lot, but I can't blame it for that. 
Take care,


hi Jackson

Really it's ok, if roles were reversed what could i equally say so Thanks.

I think there's hope for everyone, ill be corny/cliche, my nan, bless her, would say 'there's a lid for every pot', dating is what ever you want it too be, 'when you least expect it' or perhaps the best dating is when its not serious and just is?. i'll stop before i sound like 'sprat' the butler off 'downton' lol.

Hi Sea Angler,

very heartfelt your posts are and enlightening to the world of dating and relationships I would have done as you but my wife now ex and divorced felt otherwise so heyho here I am looking and hoping for The ONE I am sure there is a lid out there that fits me it is just finding it.


I need a new lid too, although I still have an old one, unfortunately!!!!!!

I like the 'lid that fits' description, though I do worry that trying lids on may be hard work :-) The salted caramel chocolate cake that I found in a cafe yesterday may prove to be infinitely more reliable in the long run lolJ x