Dating with PD

Ok, difficult one this. I've been separated from my wife for over five years now, and after a couple of years trying to get my life back together I started to date other women. two specifically. Neither one was a suitable long term partner and so it ended, though I'm still great friends with one of them.

Last year (May) i was officially diagnosed with PD, and this helped me to make the decision to finish with the lady I was then with. It had never been quite right, and I decided that it was unfair to place this upon her, though she was content.

I now find myself in the position where I would definitely like to meet and form a relationship with a special somebody, but am unsure whether it is right to do so under the circumstances. Has anybody else on here entered into a new relationship post diagnosis.

Ironically, Pd has made me focus on sorting out my life and life aims more than anything else probably could have. In most ways I feel happier than I probably ever have. I enjoy my music ( I play in bands ) and Photography. And I've treated myself to a fabulous car since if i do ever lose my licence at least I've gone out with a bang. I still work full time and my company has so far been very understanding. I still feel therefore that I have a lot to offer the right lady, but is it right to get involved knowing the possibilities of my condition?




It is a difficult one and i have asked myself the same question

i lost my gf in december to a sudden illness, dealing with grief and parkinsons, i have been living for everyone else since, i have been just trying to slowly & quietly rebuild my own life by ticking things off i need to do my gf left behind a son, i think of him as a son, and i've also found my daughter and ive been building a relationship with her.

I haven't been looking for some one else,that is & was the last thing on my mind, but someone else found me, she's been keen to get to know me, i cant hide this illness or the future and ive told her, she also knows im still in love with my late gf, but with that she says 'i need to live', and perhaps i do, i'm not sure that answers would i let her into my life enough for her to watch me decline as in a 'relationship', would it be cruel or fair for her?,that would of been the case with my late gf lived love after all is stronger than a illness, if a relationship blossoms then so be it, if not i know a wonderful friend found me.




Difficult isn't it, but I think I were in your shoes and she sounds as though she adores you, I'd roll with it and make the most of what could be a wonderful relationship. 



I'm rolling :) & we'll see, what ever happens I'm living and feel alive no regrets.

You know, sometimes in life, we learn too late to appreciate what surrounds us. If you would have been together with one of the two ladies you were talking about, maybe now she would be next to you. Now it might be late to find a partner, but not impossible. You won’t find it fast as you did in your 20es because as the years pass it’s harder and harder to find a partner. A more successful way to look for her is online. Datehookup might be the one to start with (I use it). Good luck to you, and if you’ll find her, treat her well, reward her for her heroic act.