Datscan 7yrs after diagnosis

Hi, I’m new to the forum although I was diagnosed 2011. I’m wondering if anyone has had a Datscan 7yrs after being diagnosed? Most seem to have had this scan very early on. I changed neurologist last year to one who specialises in Parkinsons as I found out my original Neurologist specialised in epilepsy. It was on my second appointment he asked me to do the usual finger movements, feeling movement in arms etc then suggested a Datscan. I never asked why at the time! Probably because he arranged an MRI for my back pain at the same time I had more questions regarding that. Appointment for Datscan next week.
Also, whilst I’m here. Got results from MRI. It picked up changes to my liver. But as it was set for my spine it didn’t give them a full indication of the problem. So, an ultrasound on my liver booked for next week. I read that some Parkinson’s drugs can sometimes affect the liver. Has anyone heard or experienced this?

Different treatments affect people in different ways. Have a chat with your consultant or pd nurse to discuss what treatment is right for you

I wasn’t offered a datscan. I have no idea whether such a thing is available in my area. I had an MRI scan which I understand showed that I do not have a brain tumour and haven’t had a stroke. I also had a blood test, but I don’t know what for. The neurologist didn’t speak very good English and I couldn’t understand what she was saying to me. I just gave up and went to see a private consultant. The NHS is a joke.

I had a Datscan within weeks of seeing the neurologist and not doing well with the lobster impressions (!) by the way nothing to worry about by the scan, I actually fell asleep in the machine and for me it was reassurance that there was a cause for the symptoms.
Maybe the delay was just a bit about availability?

Got results from Datscan …abnormal dopamine levels. Neurologist said to keep on same meds. From his wording in his letter, it seems that he had doubts of the diagnosis of Parkinson’s and that’s why he sent me for the scan. But with the dopamine levels and other factors , it is Parkinson’s.
Liver scan showed a 3cm cyst but no need to worry., quite common.

I had a dat scan 4 weeks ago, 12 years after diagnosis…and i dont have parkinsons! Dystonia and dystonic tremor.