DaTscan yesterday

I had my scan yesterday so now just need to wait for the results. Just a quick query to those of you who've had it before or know the techi side... the scan was followed by a quick 'ct' scan (I think that's what she said), is that usual? Do DaTscans show purely the dopamine activity or other things too?
Did you move scanners as CT is a different machine, I think but not definite about that? If not you may have misheard. "Quick repeat scan,"'maybe. As far as I am aware the radioisotope used in a DaT scan shows the dopamine cell areas specifically.
Hi Silverkins, thanks for your reply. No, I didn't move machines - when the DaTscan bit was finished she came and moved the plates further away from me and said what I thought was 'just a quick CT scan, it'll only take a minute' and this time the bench I was on moved along in stages so that head, neck and chest were scanned - it only took about 4 minutes.
datscan is a radioactive chemical used to highlight dopamine activity using a CT machine. presumably they meant another scan using the same machine but not tuned for datscan emissions.
i had a Datscan that lasted approx 30 mins, i laid on a narrow bench and the plates surround head. nothing moved over my body just around head.... i had to have an injection first. the scan and injection stuff focus on the dopamine producing cells..

good luck hope alls well