Hi, we are experiencing a 6 month wait for a Datscan to help with diagnosis.
Trying to find a hospital that will do the scan quicker under private health insurance. We are based in the midlands? Does the Parkinson’s organisation have a list of hospitals that offer this facility that we can try?

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I am also waiting for an appointment for a Datscan. Mine was requested last November, still waiting for an appointment. Have been told probably end of summer due to backlog.

Hi @GG53. How frustrating when you have to wait so long. Why not ring our helpline advisers and see what they may be able to suggest? You can reach them on 808 800 0303. Hope that helps.

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Worse here in SW was quoted over a year at Bristol and up to a year at Southampton request went in last year and still not heard anything back and that’s going private self funded at a cost of £1500. My guess is the scanners are being used for other types of scans as Datscans are not done routinely and seem to be classed as lower priority than other types of scans. The current chaos and delays are only going to get worse due to delays caused by ongoing industrial action by NHS staff. Sorry I can’t be any more optimistic