Hi everyone, I’ve been building up the courage to post over the last couple of months, I’m looking for some advice I recently had my daTscan under the Sheffield teaching hospitals trust, I was wondering about the results it’s been three weeks and I haven’t heard anything I was wondering with my symptoms (resting tremor mainly in my right arm and hand this can be intermittent at the moment throughout the day did anybody else experience there tremor disappear for a day or few hours in the early stages it’s confusing the life out of me at the moment.) I do have other symptoms I was recently admitted to neurology department in Sheffield I was found to have right sided bradykensia tremor and gait difficulties all on my right side, my right leg is also extremely stiff I find myself dragging my right leg trying to keep up with my family when we are out of the house, also can’t remember the last time I had a full nights sleep, my Nan and mother both had Parkinson’s and I am 33, if I get an all clear daTscan does this rule out pd all together? Sorry for the all over the place post I’m not very good with grammar,

A DatScan is good for confirming PD but a negative scan does not necessarily mean that you do not have PD. I had a negative DatScan and I was then a person with PD(SWEDD) - scan without evidence of dopamine deficiency. Some 12 years later and little change in symptoms, we agreed that it would be interesting to repeat both the DatScan and also an MRI Head. I have right sided PD and while the first DatScan did not show neuronal loss, a review of the images did show that the left side neurons were dark and the right side bright. This would fit with a right sided PD caused by poorly functioning neurons on the left side.

Hi Douglas sorry for the slow response I haven’t been to well of late I had a letter saying my daTscan was normal this would indicate that it’s not pd, I’m awaiting my next appointment with my neurologist now, I’ve currently got a chest infection and boy has it brought my symptoms out more from being run down, the tremor in my right arm is unbearable, and I’m extremely stiff I’m also getting really bad cramps that twist my fingers and toes, not sure if that’s related to my current neuro problems or just being unwell, thank you for getting back to me buddy, I’ll update you again after my appointment

Take care

I look forward to seeing what your neurologist says. Take care of yourself.