I have a diagnosis of PD given 5 years ago and have recently had a DatScan which was normal. I have some of the classic symptoms but now wonder where this leaves me. I’ve been doing conductive education for 2 years which has given me a new way of living. I could not cope with out it. But is my success with conductive education, using it to manage my symptoms, leading my medics to think I don’t have these symptoms?

Hi Mart.
Conductive education? Could you elaborate please?

Good afternoon Mart … Have you had a Mri brain scan? I had a positive Datscan with a normal Mri scan. They use the Mri scan to rule out other brain issues like minor strokes etc …

The Datscan measures the amount of Dopamine in the brain. My understanding is that you can have a negative normal Datscan but still have Parkinson’s.

There is a lot of guesswork in Parkinson’s & I feel that some experts do not know what they are doing.

From what you say I assume you are not taking any Parkinson’s medication ?

I would certainly suggest you have a brain Mri scan.

Best of luck.

Hi Mart21,
Steve2 is absolutely correct.
There is guesswork and as he says says simply because they feel your datscan is negative does not mean you do not have Parkinsons. The exact same happened to me 18 months ago now.
And of course the opposite holds true, even if the datscan is positive does not mean you have PD.
They ar e getting a lot better in the diagnosis, but as everyone is different, there is still a lot to learn.