Hi all

I had my datscan yesterday and have been told its possibly 6 weeks before i go back for the results and hopefully a diagnoses

I think the stress of waiting is worse than the possible diagnosis as that will be a relief to have an answer to my symptons

Will post the outcome

Hi Nevbar . My results took two weeks but unfortunately the hospital posted them out to the wrong gp practice ( a surgery I'd never been registered with ) . So in actual fact I did get them a lot later . Ask if they can be sent to your gp then you may get them earlier . It's an awful waiting game . Best wishes . 

Thanhs maddison

I have not been through my gp it was the stroke unit who refered my to the neurologist after ruling out a stroke so we will wait and see

Hi Nevbar I was told you can ask for them to be sent to GP as soon as they're available . You would have to ask neurologist secretary . Then you may be able to get them from GP quicker .

Thanks again maddison, duly noted