Daughter of a Parkinson's sufferer

Hi everyone,

I'm new to the forum today. My father was diagnosed in 2010 but had been suspected for a time before then. He suffers with depression and side effects from tablets plus the tremors in both arms and shuffling and stooped posture. He is 67. I care very much for my dad and want his life to be as comfortable as possible.

I've noticed a decline in the last few weeks in his physical ability (his depression is better managed now) and have started looking at what I can do., so thought I could join the forum, meet some lovely people and share some experiences.

just a little more info: dad and mum are together although mum can have a short tremper with him (and I feel for her too). He still drives but struggles to dress himself  I'm part and rarely socialises.

would love to hear from any fellow carers.



unfortunately there don't seem to be many carers around at the moment, but welcome anyway

hi from me aswell ! have a good christmas genie

from another daughter of a Person with PD. I supported my Mum for the 10 years she lived with PD. She died in August 2013.

Don't know if you are still around on the forum. I only joined the forum after Mum died and am now busy with lots of things via the research network, the campaigns network etc and having worked hard to make my Mum's quality of life as good as it could be I am trying to do what I can to support the work of PUK and share what I learned as Mum;s carer.

Hope all is going smoothly,