Dave the worm

Hi not sure if thischas already been covered - there was a link in facebook. I have sponsored a worm for this vital research, why not chek him out and sponsor if you can
Parkinson's UK - Dave the worm
or if you want to help out a pwp more directly

seriously tho, lets hope dave the worm is a big success. an improvement on that neuron thingy.

I just had a quick word with Dave the Worm and he is delighted with the satirical image of himself. He thinks that must make him the most famous worm in the world.

If anyone wants to know more please check out his site: http://www.davetheworm.org or his Facebook or Twitter pages. All of his fundraising is to support research at Parkinson’s UK.

If you have any other questions for Dave the Worm just let me know and I will do my best to get a response from him.

Thanks Kate
Senior Individual Giving officer