DBS and Anxiety

Does DBS help with anxiety?

Hi Pdiddy,

I have DBS installed, there are at least two target locations for the electrodes. My electrodes are positioned at the STN, Sub Thalamic Nucleus. This position is for control of motor symptoms. I am still taking some meds, 1/3 of pre DBS level, because DBS cannot, as I understand it, directly influence non motor symptoms.

That said the massive boost in confidence that DBS has given me has reduced the duration and intensity of any periods of anxiety. I didn't suffer really badly with anxiety but enough to be glad I'm where I am now.



Hello Tractorman

I'd be really interested to hear anout your DBS experience ie: how long ou've had PD , what drugs you have tried, what worked, what didnt .. and how you have reacted to the DBS.

I am on 6x100 MADO{AR plus 16mg ROPINEROLE and have just started on OPICAPONE(a COMT inhibotir)  with some improvement .. but wonder how DBS compares?

rgds Andy (aka Ojalahey) 


Hi Andy,

Click this link  https://www.parkinsons.org.uk/forum/thread/86045 , "Gradually towards DBS" It should answer most of your questions but if not feel free to PM me through here.