DBS and back spasms. Help!

My husband had a DBS unit fitted in January. It has caused increasingly strong spasms in his back on the right side, so strong they fling him about unless he has stimulation very low at 0.4/5.

Unfortunately (understatement) this has caused a serious back injury. He is having to have emergency surgery to fuse his back tomorrow.

We are getting no help from our DBS centre on how to stop these spasms during the post operative period though it be will be essential to do so as they will otherwise interfere with recovery.

Does anyone have experience of DBS and back spasms and can you recommend any neurologist with the ability to help.

Thank you

Hi kath
I have been thinking of going for the dbs avenue but you have put a little doubt in my mind that should I go for it or not? I just wonder how it will benefit me at all ?
But we shall see? I do hope that your husband manage to sort out your problems with your husbands back kind regards to you and your husband

Please do keep me posted on how he gets on with his back injury and would like to wish you both of you best wishes for your husband’s back surgery and recovery thank you. And I wish you all the very best wishes.