DBS and MRI scans

Hi all,

Surely I can’t be the first person in the UK to have DBS and need a MRI scan?
My GP referred me for scanning of my shoulders and lower back, this was following a Xray showed “moderate to severe wear in vertebra” after initially refusing, Southmead tried but could not get a good image. Successive referrals met with flat refusal so I contacted Boston scientific via their website. One of their technical experts contacted me and is doing her utmost to get the radiologist to use the settings she has supplied them and give me the scans.
Has anyone ever had this problem?



My wife had DBS 4 years ago after cataract surgery then the lens pocket bubbled which then required laser treatment the ok for this took several months which was obtained via Parkinson’s Specialist Nurse and one of the Boston’s Reps in the UK.

It would be very useful if Boston gave a booklet about the DBS system you are fitted with and what to do when the controller gives a fault code.

I suffer with bad back & knees, I had x-ray on my knee but needed mri but it was such a mission to get radiology to talk to each other gave up in the end, mine also Boston dbs lucky the pain got better after some activity in swimming pool. God nows what would happen if you were abroad and needed mri, I agree they should give settings hand books.