Dbs assessment

well just got my apt for 5yr dbs assessment ,its on march 13 th when i go off all my meds & switch dbs off from 8 pm to 8 am shaking ,tremors all night all for the good so they can see how the pd is progressing or not ! And get the most out of my dbs & meds well i let you know how it goes nearer the time..



Sheila x

Hope all goes well  for you Gus.


Best Wishes x

Best of luck and hope it works out for you Gus


Cheers buddy's

Good luck Gus, hope things go well for you

Thinking of you.



Hi Gus,

Do you stop taking your long-acting medication before your appointment?  The sort that take days to wash out from your system.


You take your last tablets in the afternoon, and turn dbs off at 8 ißh . Your right in staying they take 24hrs to get out your system, i suppose this is long enough to show them how the pd has progressed the answer why I've never asked as it's bad enough coming of them that long i think there more interested how the dbs is doing.Thank you everyone for wishing me luck bit overwhelming thank you all .
Peter how long have you had your dbs as your assessments well mine were 1yr 3yr 5yr

I had my DBS operation in March 2015.  I had an assessment after one year.  I had not been taking long-acting medication so the question of stopping taking them never arose.  I now take Seligilene that is supposed to take 14 days or so to wash out.


How you finding the dbs are you benefits from it yet i seem to be getting more out of it every day i do alot more exercise now whick i think helps keep fit is one of the most important part of pd i think keep regular exercise just walking the dog and a swim sauna helps me.all the best for future dbs

My DBS results have been disappointing.  My wife does not think it has made a difference.

However, I am very pleased that it has helped you so much.  I hope it continues to do so.


sorry To hear that, how about going in an trying some more settings,took me a while to get it right i think i went about 6 times in my 1st year

Best of luck, Gus.

Cheers hope you have continued success with yours