Has anybody had DBS at ADDENBROOKS, CAMBRIDGE ?  Just been told I have been accepted for surgery and would like to hear from who has had it done there?  Is the whole op done while you are asleep?  Know its the only option left but very nervous.


Hi there dede, thanks for your post. It's a bit quiet on the forum at the moment (everyone doing their last Christmas shopping?) but hopefully some responses will follow. Is there anybody who would like to share their experiences of deep brain stimulation surgery with dede?

In the meantime, we have some information about deep brain stimulation elsewhere on our website that may help:

Best wishes - and I hope this helps.

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Hi i had my dbs done at bristol frenchay hoapital & was asleep for whole opp,be patient after you havehad it done ,can take a while to find the right settings & amount of meds ie took me 16 months all good now no more tremors,shaking just a little slow on walking & balance all the best.


Interetsted to know how successful the DBS has been for you?



How come u were asleep ... I thought u had to be awake ... is bRISTOL  using new technology ... ?

If so .. do u know if u can be referred from other region of the UK ?


Dede ... good luck with your DBS !


Andy (Ojalahey)


yes you can be referred also if you search dbs frenchay hospital (now southmead ) you can read all information they have a robot rienshaw theatre gets the target area in the brain where the wires go .

search         deep brain stimulation frenchay hospital .

 ive met people from Ireland london wales who had dbs there