DBS at the Birmingham (QE Hospital) West Midlands

I am wondering about possibility of having the DBS operation.

Does anyone know if the QE hospital in Birmingham does much of this. About 5 years ago you would here about but it seems quiet at present. Has anyone on the Forum had it in Bham or know if it still is done here … if it is a big department or have any information on it ?


Just noticed that I wrote ‘here about’ and I should have written ‘hear about it’ ….

Sorry .But had mine done in Bristol Southmeed Hospital totally under General anesthetic. Also the wires are guided in by a robot pin point accuracy. Changed my life

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Are you local to Bristol, or is that one of a few hospitals where DBS is available?
So glad to hear it changed your life. How long ago did you have it done, and do you think the improvement is likely to be permanent?

Nearly 8yrs it’s not all plane sailing tho,you have to be patient to get right settings and meds,also was very lucky to get Bristol also had mine done by prof gill & Alan whone & team the same ones who are doing the Gdnf. I live in Weymouth Dorset

THx Gus for your reply

Glad it was positive ….

I am wondering if the Bham DBS setup is up and running as cannot see any evidence of that online?

rgds Ojalahey

They seem a very good team.
Is the change likely to be permanent?
And do you know approximately how many hospitals do this operation. e.g. I’m in Ashford in Kent, so presumably my nearest hospital doing DBS would be in London?

Hi there, just have a quick question for you, do you lose all of your benefits and have to go back to work after dbs, thanks in advance, Julian

No you do not lose your benefits,if anything you may get more as dbs is not a miracle cure it may stop your tremors, but you might still have other conditions ie walking, balance speech Sorry if you thought you get back your life 100% .You have to work hard with your dbs, tablets exercise.

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I’m not 100 % sure but I think you can choose which Hospital, but the closer the better as in the early stages you may be back regular getting right settings also you have checks to see how your doing .

Hello gus, sorry to bother you again but regardless of how many tablets you have to take after dbs along with tremor does it take away all your involuntary movements

Yes it took away all mine as you decrease the amount of tablets your on ,ie more tablets your on the more involuntary movements but every case is different and some people are not candidates for dbs.

Hello gus, thanks for the last answer you gave me, just one last question, how long does it take from giving the go ahead to the neurologist to start the ball rolling with dbs to when you go for the operation, thank you

First thing you have to get your gp to refer you to your neurologist then he will refer to the deep brain stimulation neuro and he will do some tests and look at your records and if he thinks dbs will help you he will put you forward for the first examination as they have to get funding for a three day stay in hospital too see if you can go ahead with dbs ,ie mentally healthy MRI dat scan. Then they will give you answer there .Then they have to get funding for main operation I managed to get a cancellation so I waited from start about 6 months ,I would say no longer than 12 months and could be 8 months.