DBS at the Walton centre

Hi everyone.  

I recently had DBS surgery at the Walton centre Liverpool, I wondered if there was anybody  else out there in the forum who has also had this treatment there.

How soon after surgery was your stimulater turned on at a level that produced therapeutic effects?


Hi mrtoad,

hope you are feeling well after your DBS at the Walton Centre.  I haven't had the surgery myself and therefore can't help with your question about when the stimulator was switched on and at what level.

However, I've just posted a new topic titled 'DBS eligibility' before I noticed your post.  Could I invite you to read my post in order that you know about my PD condition. My condition has progressed such that I am seriously considering approaching my Consultant Neurologist about the prospect of having DBS.  As I live on the Wirral which is pretty close to the Walton Centre, its quite probable that I also have my DBS surgery at the Walton Centre.  I would very much appreciate it if you could let me know your experience of the process of 'applying' for DBS and also your experience of the DBS surgery itself.  Given your experience would you have the surgery again and how successful was it.

I hope this isn't too imposing on you but would understand if you prefer not to share your experience so publically.

regards, John (alias, marcantony)