Dbs battery change

Has any body had a new generator ie dbs battery change for the last three months been feeling exhausted walking poorly balance not so good just thinking is it like a tourch when the battery begin to die the light not so bright hope to feel better new battery 26th may will keep you updated

Gus, that doesn't sound too good!   Is there no way you can have it done earlier??

no i suppose their way of thinking is i still got battery life so ok ! it could be worse only 4 weeks to wait cant moan lucky to have it, how you getting on gaz

Not too bad, gus, thanks.   I recently had my pre-op assessment and am just awaiting my date for DBS - should be in about  six weeks' time (I think).   Just trying to survive best I can until that fateful day! 

Are you still pleased with the results of yours or are you getting your pre-dbs symptoms coming back?

very pleased still great ! just walking,balance not so good at mo ... good luck on your dbs 

Thanks, gus, here's hoping....