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Hi everyone.

It's quite a  long time since I posted on here although I do pop on now and then to see what everyone is talking about.

It looks as though I may be having DBS surgery and thought writing a blog about it might help me to get my head round it, no pun intended. i have started it with a quick summary of my Parkinson's experiences thus far. I have tried to avoid using jargon and specific drug names so it will make more sense to non Parkinson's people.

I would be interested to hear what you think of it.

Thank you and best wishes



Hi Mrtoad

i had DBS surgery in March, had PD for nine years but also Dystonia since 2012 which got so bad and my Stalevo was now useless so I had the DBS mainly for Dystonia which thankfully has not returned but some aspects of my PD are much improved and others a little worse but overall vastly improved.

i did however had to have the operation done all in one go and not the usual two and also under general due to the Dystonia, I still cannot believe after the bilateral stimulators were put in over six hours surgery and five hours recovery that I was home in 5 days !!!! I had no qualms about it and would not advice antone not to have it done if recommended by the consultant. I connotation say enough words of gratitude to all the staff at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital for the care and support I received 


Hi Mally

Glad to hear your positive experience of DBS. I have read a couple of negative comments about it lately but on the whole most people seem to have  generally positive things to say about it. Hope you continue to feel the benefits of it.  



hi mrtoad

 im a man of few words i have had dbs 3yrs at bristol frenchay now southmead i also had operation in one go ,and i have never regretted my decision to have dbs i dont think i  could have put up with the tremors,shaking & dyskinesia anymore ! big thanks to braain center bristol 

Hi Gus

I've read a few of your posts over the last few months and have found your positive attitude very reassuring.

If all goes ahead I will have my op at the Walton Centre in Fazakerly, Liverpool.




lets hope it gives you a better quality of life !

Hi folks

I have recently updated my blog. If anyone is interested you can find it on


I'd love to hear your comments



Great reading

Thanks Gus. That's very kind of you. I always enjoy reading your posts.