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Hi all,  I'm about to get DBS Vercise as treatment for my tremor dominant PD.  This is the result of having had the Medtronic DBS, in for three months with little benefit.  I gather that there is little on the internet about this new form of DBS because it is not yet approved in the USA.  It has a rechargeable battery that lasts 25 years, which is much smaller than the Medtronic device.

So I'm looking for anyone who may have experienced this new technology as a trial in the EU?

Maybe I can now answer my own question, as I have got quite fond of the DBS Vercise from Boston Scientific, it being very effective at reducing my tremor, admittedly at the expense of other symptoms - notably Blepharospasm, which makes my life very dependant on others.

More complcated is the differing advice, which could bring on an interesting conflict between surgeons following...I have a small growth on the side of my nose which I gather is best removed, using diathermy.  Looking this up in the Boston Scientific handbook and then on the internet it is noted that if DBS is in place there is a serious contraindication with diathermy, on one hand the DBS surgeon has said that short bursts of bipolar diathermy would be possible, with the stimulator turned off - and on the other page 7 of the Vercise Patient Manual gives very clear instructions that nobody with the DBS system in place should have any form of diathermy.  "The energy generated by diathermy can be transferred to the Vercise DBS System, causing tissue damage in the brain, which can result in severe injury or death."  In addition, "the stimulator, whether it is turned on or off, may be critically damaged by the use of diathermy." (page 8). Medtronic's advice is clear, saying that there are two people in comas as a result of combining the two technologies.


Hello steven yes diathermy is as far as I know prohibited had dbs nearly 3yrs but they must know try contacting meltronics who made dbs

Hello Stephen,

I received the Vercise DBS in March of 2014. I live in the US and according to the Boston Scientific engineers  that work with my Neurologist, I was the second person in the US to receive the Vercise system. We are part of a 5 year study group that Boston Scientific hopes will get them approved for open sales in the US.

(USDA Approval)

Last October, while doing some work around the house, I was using an electric drill. The electric current around the back of the drill, turned off the stimulator. My doctor read me the riot act and warned me of the dangers that electricity can play with the DBS implants and the stimulator. I would not have the procedure to remove the growth.

My wife is from Aberdeenshire  and we are planning a trip later this year. I found your blog while checking the internet for Vercise activity in the UK. This is the first time in some 7-8 years I have felt that the trip is possible. I was diagnosed with PD 16 years ago and have been disabled with it for 10 years. So far the Vercise system has been a tremendous success for me.  



you can have mri but it has got to be carried out by a someone who kknows about dbs as read this on medtronic website. steven why is this vercise so different understand battery life but what else !

steven  where are you having this done just looked it up wow some piece of kit !

Thanks for your response.  I had the growth removed last week without any diathermy, having decided it is far too risky.  All is well.

In no particular order, I have listed the effects of the DBS below.


The side effects of DBS
(Boston Scientific Vercise Stimulator) "More sophisticated" replaced Medatronics. in August

Quiet Speech
Foot dragging
Eyes Closing (Blepharospasm, treated with botox)
Restless Legs
Sore Throat (Hoarse Speech)
Unbalanced Thigh Muscles
Losing ability to Cough, or Sneeze
Swimming (coordination)
Throwing frisbee

I forgot to mention that I'm soon to return to the hospital in Bristol to deal with an anterior venous fistula which has developed in my neck.   This is very weird, as I can hear the pulsing of the blood, and has astounded first the original neurosurgeon, then the person who operated the ultrasound, and more recently the vascular surgeon.  I will have an angiogram, when it hopefully will be blocked, with 3 consultants present.

Hi Shaking Stephen.

I have just been offered DBS and was interested in your comments of the 3rd April. Am I to understand that the side effects you list are after DBS is implanted or are they the effects it cures or helps. By the way how do you get on with charging your device, I am told by my surgeon that it is imperative that one does not let it go flat. I have got to decide which device I want so am trying to get as much feedback as I can.    

hello alan

                    its got to be the best thing i did ,i was on the verge of giving up ,it can take a while to get the right settings & amount of meds you take .In my opinion i would have the medtronics battery last 3-5 yrs depending on voltage as i think they have not got used to all of the settings yet,as the medtronics they seem to be well upto date with all settings & controls .I have just my second generator ( battery ) replaced & was in & out the same day,mine last for 3yrs ,it is abit of nightmare to travel from weymouth to southmead Bristol but am still in control of body ,i think next time i will go for the Boston as i am told this has more scope settings and feel they will be more to grips with it ! Where are you going for operation Bristol brain centre do the whole operation under general ie totally asleep ! happy days

Hi Gus 

Thanks for your input very interesting .When I get a date which could be some months I will have it done at 

Kings College Hospital, London. Under a Prof Ashkan who does 

Thanks again.


i hope it works out for you & you get some of your life back be patient it takes while to get it right but when it does its like a big firework going of inside you head your know what i mean when it happens keep us up to date & and if you need any advice along the way be happy to help smile