Dbs improves driving ability!



weirdest thing is people with dbs drive better than people without pd!

must admit my driving alot better now,but think my driving was even better before my parkinsons came on! interesting,they saying that there giving dbs to people who have early onset parkinsons ,not waiting now till they get bad symptoms. hi turnip are you a humbug or a christmas man

tricky question.

a bit of both. humbug it mostly is, but got the children to come look at the lights on the house opposite. and i was santa's big elve when mrs turnip was santa at her work;s do. 


how about you?

Yeh still like it ,not the same now as our children all grown up now,all there interested in is the money in the card, i expect it will get better when we have some grandchildren but no signs of that yet,into drinking & having fun,two girls at uni,and boy just likes having fun girls 19,23 boy 20 still to young at mo for all that.just dont  want them to have kids too late so then i wont be able to have fun with them.bit bad really!

know what you mean.