DBS Off vs DBS On

Hi all,

DBS Off vs DBS On - my latest video, demonstrating the effect that Deep Brain Stimulation has upon my Parkinson's Disease symptoms.




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Ian, thank you for sharing your video and taking the time to demonstrate the positive impact that DBS has made to your life. 


Great video as always going in Monday for my 5yr assessment not looking forward to it .all best gus

Best of luck, Gus!

Hope all goes well for you on Monday Gus.

Thank you

Very informative video. Thank you.

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Very interesting video Neil, and incredible to see the difference when the device is off and on. I wish my husband could benefit from this treatment as tremor is his main symptom (although to be fair not the worst). He and I, find some of the non-motor symptoms to be more unsettling. However when he was first diagnosed I did mention to the consultant whether he could, in the future, benefit from DBS, but we were more or less told it was unlikely. I think it is to do with how his cognivity has been affected. We’ve never asked again about DBS, but seeing the video makes me quite sad he’ll never be able to benefit from this amazing treatment. Just have to hope his tremor remains under control with the Sinemet, as a cure still seems many years away yet… But good luck to anyone fortunate enough to be a candidate.

Sorry, I meant Ian. Another senior moment!