DBS OUTCOMES at different Hospitals

DBS OUTCOMES at different hospitals

I am 6 yrs dx with pd currently on 6 x 100 madopar and 16mg ropinerole ... symptoms are controlled abiut 50% of the time , not getting that much worse but being 50% of your self is not that good imho. I see a neuro for 20mins max per year and he beleives that i have plenty room for manoevure on the drugs front . i have tried a MAOB inhibitor with no change in symptoms and there has ben talk of a COMTinhibitor like Entacapone (I think) but for other reasons this has been delayed.

Reading about surgery (APO-GO, DUODOPA, DBS and now Focusssed Ultrasound) i get the impression that these can help (at leas DUoDOPA and DBS) and in particular am interested in pressing for DBS.  I have spoken with OXFORD hospital and a BHAM QE Neuro over the last few years and both suggested DBS .OXFORD do it awake (so u can help them pinpoint best spot) and BHAM do it asleep.

Does anyone have experience of either of these DBS teams or know if there is any way of finding out what their outcomes have been. Further is there any sort of agreement about whether awake or asleep DBS is a better process?

Thx (Ojalahey aka Andy)