Dbs - rechareable battery?

Just seen the Surgeon and have opted for rechargeable battery. Anyone else got one and how is it?

Yeah I had 15yr Medtronic great just charge 20mins with breakfast and on with my day ,saves a lot of hassle as I had two batteries changed and this 3rd one will save me a lot of hassle travel, operations. I think if you live a 1hr away it might be different

I have 1 , it took me a while to Suss out the best way to charge it , now I’ve cracked it , it’s easy

I woud definitely recommended it.! Had one fitted after my dbs

I have 1 and find it a pain in the … to charge , what I was told would be 20 mins a day can turn into an hr or more , I get frustrated with it , the reason I was given is that I have a big busom, saying that it did give me back some of my old life and reduced my meds considerably, go for it the pro’s well outway the con’s x

I charge mine every morning while I have breakfast takes 15min but if you leave on charge, your find the next time only takes 5-10min