DBS Surgery Advice

Hi All

I am 52 and was DX 7 years ago with PD.

I am still working full time and managing well. I had 2 days of tests last year to see if i was suitable for DBS surgery. Last week i had the follow up and was offered the operation.

I was wondering if any one has had this as i am 50/50 on whether to go ahead with the operation.

My concerns are whether its to early in my condition, considering all the risks the are involved with this op.




i think your the only one who can decide ,i myself that was my last hope of having my life back i was 5yrs dx age 36 still working and wanted to carry on as i had a good job and a good life i was a 100 % i had the opperation and it turned out to be a great success but every time i tried to go back to work the  shaking ,tremors & clammy would rise his ugly head tried going back 8 times after being back and forward for reprogramming but in the end had no choice to finish work,& dbs is getting better & better now can walk good distance ,no more shaking 10 yrs dx ,5 yrs dbs now 45 .and giving it a good fight still yes i have my bad days .weeks but have to get on with it saying fit & healthy plays a big part. as i say i  had no other choice as the side affects were unbearable ie dyskinesa.your know when its time !

Hi Paul,

my husband was diagnosed in 2009 and had DBS for his tremor 2yrs ago, the results for him were fantastic, but his other symptoms are now so bad he is most likely having another DBS surgery to try and help with the other symptoms.

If you are on Facebook my daughter has started a page about her dad's struggle with Parkinson's and it also shows a video of him turning his pack off and shows what he would be like without it.




Hi Gus

Thank you for your reply it has given me something to think about, very good advice and yes I also think keeping fit & healthy plays a big part.

kind regards 



Hi Sarah 

thank you for your reply, glad to hear the results were good with dbs sorry he is not so good at moment, yes I would love to see the Facebook page you're daughter has done, if you don't mind.


Hi Paul,

If you are on Facebook the page is called The Parkinson's Project, you will find the video on there. It's amazing to see what the DBS has done. 

Sarah x 

Hi there, I was diagnosed with Parkinsons in 2004 at 45. I have been on various medications but have mainly been on Sinimet + which seems to work best for me. However the effectiveness of the medication had been decreasing and I was offered DBS. I had the op in june 2016 and had it turned on and programmed one month later. Everything went fine and my symptoms have certainly improved. I went back to hospital on 6th March 2017 and had my DBS and medication tweaked. I feel I am improving all the time and, although I realise every case is different, I would recommend anyone who is offered the treatment to go for it.  

Yeap the more time goes on dbs keeps fighting for you it's like have a machine gun for your second gun replacement lol