Dbs surgery holby city


There have been a couple of things on tv ,interesting to parkinsons lately i just would have thought pduk would have nothing this & put a post up for people to have a look at time of programmes or does pduk not informed either ,anyway holby city tuesday 12th bbc 1 8pm dbs tremor violin player


Gus. Just watched it.  They made it clear the diagnosis was essential tremor not Parkinson's. Maybe that and the plot's need for the DBS to provide instant results so a virtuoso could play again was why PDUK didn't flag up the show or weren't told.

Either way as I understand it. DBS for Parkinson's isn't an instant fix and requires adjustments that can take months to fine tune.  


Hi gus,

Thank you for letting us know about this, I didn't see the Holby City episode. I'm just finding out whether anyone in the team was involved in providing advice on this. 

When we know about Parkinson's or Parkinson's treatments being discussed on TV or on the radio we do try and provide information through our social media channels where we can, and this is something we are working to do more in the future.

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Digital team. 


thats fine ,i just thought it was interesting as dbs is linked to parkinsons ,kendo i know it was not surgery for pd but as i say it was interesting to watch as dbs