DBS Walton centre

I know from experience that there isn’t much on here regarding getting DBS at the Walton centre liverpool .

I have recently been fitted with mine and just been switched on…:smiley:

If anybody is thinking of taking this step or wants to know more about the process please message me.



Hi secret squirrel i have been thinking a lot about dbs i have a hand tremor resting i thinking would dbs help me ime scared to go further ,can u drive after dbs, what side effects, how long the surgery are you awake,or asleep, medication doesn’t help me at all sorry to be a pain. calv

Hi calv

I drove two weeks after my DBS op , I was told it was down to your consultant and didn’t need to tell the dvla.

The DBS only helps motor symptoms of PD

You are asleep for when the fit the cage to your head then awake for the rest. A weird experience but you don’t feel any pain whatsoever. It’s good when they switch the system on and you see the symptoms stop.they need you awake so that they know the probes are in the best position. Takes about 4-5 hrs.

That’s the first operartion. The next one I had was a couple of weeks later to fit the battery. This op was only an hour.

Then back about 3-4 weeks later for the switch on.

They start you out on a very low setting. It can take months to get it to the optimum setting for yourself. Hopefully reducing meds along the way.

Yes it’s a big step and it doesn’t help everyone but I was told I was an ideal candidate so it was a no brainier (:man_facepalming:t2:)for me to proceed with it.

I was dx 9yrs ago and as I’ve increased the meds (about 9 x 100mg stalevo a day)my dyskenesia was getting worse , dbs will help me cut back on these .

Hope this helps



I had mine fitted at Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge in 2013, they fitted everything including the battery and as the operation had gone so well my Consultant turned my DBS on and was putting in the settings as I was coming round !!


Hello Secret Squirrel Les, and anyone with an interest in DBS . Im about to start the long assessment to see if Im a suitable patient for this treatment. Ive read every up to date article recommended and know that its a big decision, but I am very keen to keep my quality of life with Parkinsons as good as it can be ,for as long as possible. Just wanted to know Secret Squrrel honestly how you are now after over 6 months with DBS. Im not easily put off, and also realise every experience is somewhat different for every person, some may have a better response than others. Im being assessed at Walton JG

Hi there , I can only speak for myself as ,as you have said everybody it’s different .on the whole it’s the best thing I have done. It has helped me a lot , no more foot cramps of a morning, motor symptoms more or less under control and I am down to 1 rasagaline and 2 sinemet a day. Sleeping tonnes better and my mood has improved. I have spoken to other people who have had it done and are still struggling to get the balance of the meds and the settings of the device correct. It is a long process after the operation so don’t except a quick fix. I still haven’t got mine 100% yet.

It helps with the motor side of PD and that’s it.

I am 52 and I still work and am as active as I can be.

I was under Mr Farah at the Walton. Centre and had the Medtronic Precept fitted.

Anything else feel free to ask.

Good Luck


Thanks for your encouraging reply Liam
I will let you know my outcome, waiting list is around 9 months til a year, Regards Janie

Although my experience wasn’t the norm I’m pleased I had it done, my wife noticed the difference immediately. With having moved out of the Addenbrookes catchment I now come under Southmead Hospital at Bristol. Earlier this year I had my battery changed to a rechargeable one which saves on the palarva of going into hospital every four or five years to have it changed. If you are offered it then grab the opportunity with both hands, you won’t regret it. Ask your consultant for a rechargeable system, it is brilliant, my wife plugs me into the mains once a week making me a bright spark !! LOL Seriously though, what happens is I charge up a battery from the mains & transfer the charge to my DBS. Good luck with your assessment, for me I qualified as I had tried so many different drugs to calm the tremor but none worked so I became an immediate candidate for DBS & here I am 8 years later still going strong.