DBS = Weight Gain

Just wondering, how many of you have gained weight since DBS?

I did, I put on over a stone, gradually lost it again but took some time.

It is hard to lose it. Have gained a stone.

My husband was 72 kg at his pre op before DBS and now 12 months later is 93 kg.
He is going to try and loose a bit - he looks better for it and was too thin as a result of dyskinesia

Does he work?

I had DBS in March 2015, over four years ago.
I have lost 12 kg since then.

Wow!! Did you not gain weight at first? Did you lose the weight intentionally?


I am having DBS on the 5th November and I am aware that weight gain can be an issue after DBS.

For those of you who gained weight, do you know the reason why ?

Did you eat more, crave more sugar. As I know reward centre can be affected.

Did you have dyskinesia before that stopped, so you weren’t burning as many calories.

Or is there another reason, as this is a real concern for me .

I would really appreciate your feedback.

Kind regards,

Claire x

Where are you having DBS?

I think it is to do with pleasure/rewards in the brain, and that you do not get so much dyskensia with DBS. I

Good luck with DBS, it will be worth it.