DBS - who has had it at Bristol

DBS techniques

More specifically have you had it there ?

And if so did they program using Directional Steering

Or not .?

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I had mine at Bristol Frenchay now gone and now southmead hospital with all the sa

Same staff old and new state of the art technology team your asleep for the whole operation, i believe they have invented a small device that fits in the skull, which means the wires get placed directly to the area they also use a robot to get within 1mm where there placed i believe they have couple dbs devices, i have medtronic dbs American i think I’m i unfn saying they was the first dbs they have improved the device so you can set to different programs also you can have mri ,with nocomplications in future. Once you have had operation then go back to get switched on it’s amazing but your find you have to go back and get rsettings and medication altered ,but bthe team are amazing you get seen o quickly. I personally have nothing bad to say and so lucky i had mine done there. All the best.But dbs is not for everyone also do not think it’s a cure.

I had the op. at Southmead last year, in March. I volunteered to be part of the trial of a new style of DBS. The small battery sits in a pocket carved out of my skull. I have no idea what directional steering is, but the DBS has worked well for me.


Glad to here it worked well for you
I have heard positive things bout Bristol
dBs and I had very good Results in terms of the Tremor and Given that that is possibly the worst symptom imho
That was a great result…. My concern was ihat My balance was wore kand I had new problems with my voice singing and speaking.
I Thank you probably have the Medtronic system where as I have Boston Gavia…. you have a battery
Fitted and I Have something similar under my Left collar bone

No I don’t have the Medtronic system. I am part of a trial of a new DBS kit. The trial is called 'Sparks."