Hi, Over the last few days I have undergone an assessment at Bristol to identify if I’m suitable for DBS. Very positive about getting this done however still concerned about the situation if things go wrong. Anyone else in this predicament? Has anyone recently undergone this operation? What are your views, do’s / dont’s etc.

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I had DBS installed at the John Radcliffe Hospital in July last year is that recent enough? If yes let me know, feel free to send PM if you want.

Be warned I can chat for England on the subject of DBS!

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I’m hoping to get assessed to have DBS my Parkinson‘s nurse thinks it might help me out can you tell me anything about the assessment as I don’t know a lot about it i’ve been told DBS helps with the tremors and slowness if you like to learn more about to go on YouTube and type in DBS I found it very helpful hope you do too good luck

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My wife had DBS just over a year ago, not a pleasant experience at the John Radcliffe no bed available traumatic getting her there by 7.30am with no medication allowed. Went to visit her the next morning and they were discharging her. At first it was a miracle but this only lasted 4 months the movement has stopped but the rest of the parkinson symptoms have got worse. Her voice has got really soft her handwriting is now impossible. Severe trouble with weight I know another person with the same trouble. But I have heard of 3 other people that the miracle continues. If I knew whatI know nowI wish we had not had it.

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Hi. Yes. The assessment is very straight forward. Basically go in at1330 day 1 and your taken off your mess from approx 1800. The following morning you go into a film studio and do a series of straight forward tests. You introduce yourself. Then you get assessed on the following, walking, sitting, carry drinks, placing some pins in to a crib like board, flexibility, balance, closing and opening fingers/hands, writing a verse 5 times. I’m sure you will have gone through some of these before as they are standard tests. This is all completed with out medication. You then get a dose of meds wait until they kick in and then perform the same assessments whilst ON. You go through a verbal conversation with the nurse and declare your expectations and your history. You complete a further assessment by selecting the odd one out type questions, some general knowledge questions and that’s about it. Very simple and quite enjoyable to be honest. You have conversations with the nurse and consultant. It is nothing to worry about I assure you.

Hi @seve,

I hope all is well.

I’m really sorry to hear about your wife’s experience with DBS. If you and your wife need additional support, I’d highly recommend you contact our helpline service and speak to one of our advisers. They can offer a range of support including therapy options and can put you in contact with a Parkinson’s nurse - do feel free to give them a call on 0808 800 0303.

I know this can’t reverse your wife’s surgery but I do hope you find the information above useful.

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