How many people on the forum have had the dbs operation and what do they think now


Are you having it?


Hi lilly,

I had DBS installed July 2017. For me it has been a transformation. If I hadn’t had it daily life now would be very difficult. Now I can drive any distance, likewise walk any distance, and I’m still able to work 5 full days a week. I was sitting on the redline in terms of dosage of levadopa and carbidopa before DBS. DBS has enabled me to cut the weight of pills I was taking by 80%.

Not everyone who has DBS has had the outcome we all wish for, some people report only marginal or no change at all.




May I ask, so you have a rechargeable battery and were you awake during DBS?


Hi MrsPD,
My battery is non rechargeable. Expected to last 3 to 5 years. I was under for a lot of the time but awake for the incisions into scalp, the drilling of the two holes, the installation of the electrodes and the test switch on. The Anesthetist had real fine control of my under/awake state.
Regards, Tractorman.