Today I had my stimulater reprogrammed at the John Radcliffe . because I have been experiencing some difficulty with my medication. At the moment fingers crossed I do feel much better. I still feel that having DBS is the best decision I ever made. Although I do know it is not for everyone


Yep totally agree mate! Had DBS op last year & can live my life again. I needed a tweak the other week & my Parkinsons nurse told me what to do over the phone. It’s cut my meds down by half!


I’ve had pd for 11yrs and had dbs for 6yrs I went back and forwards about 8 times, I think the best times were when I went in hospital for a little stay as I went through re programming and the next day I could see if I needed tweaking. As sometimes I would travel up get re -programme and the next day I would be no better sometimes worse and have to go up again. It does take a lot of patients and time but best thing I ever had done thank you nhs