Should I or shouldn’t I??? Any one had it done???

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There have been many forum users sharing their experiences re: DBS. If you click on this link then that will take you to all the various threads and posts made over the years, so you can have a browse.

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Yes you should MrsPD, it may seem daunting but it will be worth it in the end. I have got one fitted and I am living proof that it works. My operation took seven hours but i’m sure they do it quicker than that now !! Keep us posted on what you decide.


I had dbs in March and I’m up and running :sweat_smile: like a good un x

Can I ask where you awake?

I was under the Date Rape Drug so I was awake but was not, they even went back to the ward to get my medication which I was due to take during the operation which I took but have no recollection of it. So technically I was not awake, I was under for seven hours and am living proof it works.


Where did you have dbs never heard of doing operation on them drugs and given you pd meds wow.Had mine done at Bristol hospital and I was totally asleep.

Gus, it is what they use so that they can talk to you so that they know that they’ve hit the right spot when putting the wires in even though as far as you’re aware you are asleep during the operation !! Mine was done at Addenbrookes, Cambridge and so i’ve got a St Jude system fitted which is controlled by an i pod.


In Bristol southmead hospital you are under General, they do not wake you up at all ,they use 4 d imagery mapping also a robot to place the wires in 0.1mm to where they have to go.You are asleep the entire time. That’s why it didn’t bother me at all .

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There are only a hand full of these hospitals that do operation while your totally asleep and do Not have to wake you up! I have had pd for 11yrs and had dbs for 6yrs. Bristol southmead hospital work with a robotic theatre. It’s always good to do your homework before writing on this forum as people need to know they have choices, sorry if that sounded out of hand ,but this is one of the reasons why I was not so scared as I was totally asleep.

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I too was under general anesthetic throughout. I knew nothing about the operation until they brought me round

Glad to hear it worked! STN or GPI?

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Speaking on behalf of my wife who had it done in 2013 at Addenbrooks in Cambridge by a wonderful surgeon named Mr Rob Morris. My wife was out for the count for the op which took 8 and a half hours. She said it was the best sleep for years :rofl:. She has absolutely no regrets having it done and only last years she had a change of battery which took 3/4 hours which was fine.
What i can gather everybody whos had it done has had different experiences of it but if you get the chance to speak to someone face to face about it i would say jump at the chance.

Good luck

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