Should I or shouldn’t I??? Any one had it done???


Hi there MrsPD,

There have been many forum users sharing their experiences re: DBS. If you click on this link then that will take you to all the various threads and posts made over the years, so you can have a browse.

Best Wishes
Tom A, Parkinson’s UK Moderation Team


Yes you should MrsPD, it may seem daunting but it will be worth it in the end. I have got one fitted and I am living proof that it works. My operation took seven hours but i’m sure they do it quicker than that now !! Keep us posted on what you decide.



I had dbs in March and I’m up and running :sweat_smile: like a good un x


Can I ask where you awake?


I was under the Date Rape Drug so I was awake but was not, they even went back to the ward to get my medication which I was due to take during the operation which I took but have no recollection of it. So technically I was not awake, I was under for seven hours and am living proof it works.