I was diagnosed 17 years ago aged 40. I have tried most medicines and currently take apomorphine and several other medicines. The apomorphine works well but even with domperidone makes me so nauseous. I am now on the list for DBS, but as an anxious claustrophobic the thought of being awake for a couple of hours during surgery terrifies me. Has anyone had DBS and stayed asleep & if so which hospital?
Thank you

Hi Jules. I was diagnosed 9 years ago aged 42 and will probably be going down the same route at some point. My understanding is that the majority of centres now do the surgery while you are asleep and there is no longer a need for you to be awake. Definitely my preference as well!

Hi Jules5
I had DBS in October at Addenbrookes in Cambridge and was asleep for the surgery. Mr Morris and his team were brilliant. The care was exceptional. Switched on in November and had my second tune up last week.

Hi Jules5,
Similar to yourself, I was diagnosed 18 years ago aged 39. I too went through various medicines and Apomorphine (pen type). I had DBS around 2015 at the NHNN in London and was firmly asleep throughout. I hope that helps and that the waiting list is not too long.