Hi to all

1 Is anyone here on the waiting list for DBS @ UCLH Queens Square and if so how long is the waiting time between the date one is accepted as a suitable candidate and the operation.

2 Can someone who has had it done set out the improvement in their symptoms? I know that we all have different symptoms.

3 Has it negatively affected your speech and i so how?

I have had the tests done (MRI/PSYCH) and am seeing the Surgeon in April.



Can’t answer #1 since not in the UK.

Hubby didn’t have any problems after his DBS.
Before the surgery he suffered from
rigidity & freezing which both resolved after the intervention.

However a friend, who suffered from uncontrolled jerking.
The jerking & twisting stopped but he now has significant problems expressing himself verbally.

I believe there are different types of DBs I would choose a tuneable one , see what types are available.