45 year old, fit, healthy male suffering from Parkinson's

restricted movement down left hand side.

apo-morphine pump fitted 6 months ago.

changed dose of tablets, suffering from over movement.

been referred for DBS-, seeing specialist tomorrow.

looking for advise from somebody in the same situation.





how long have you had pd for ?

officially diagnosed 2012 (4 years ago)

but possible had longer

Hi tome.

A few of us on here are preparing for or have recently had dbs. I have a blog about my experiences so far, www.debversusparkinsons.wordpress .com and there is another chap who had the surgery a few months ago , www.dbsanobrainer.co.uk.

These may be of interest to you. There are also frequent postings fom gus and bettyblue who are both very helpful. Gus is a couple of years post surgery and bettyblue is just starting on the route to dbs but has years of experience of all kinds of Parkinson's meds. Hope these folk don't mind me mentioning them but they have been of great help and support to many of us on  this forum.

Best of luck with whatever path you take.

Regards mrtoad.