Dead leg


Hi all, I have, it would seem, now got Sciatica. When I start walking the lower back pain moves down my right leg in the form of pins-and-needles until my whole leg and foot are dead. Then I'm in a spot of trouble and I feel as if I'm walking on a sheet of ice. I have to hold on to something to stop myself from falling. This goes after a few minutes and I'm normally able to carry on walking. 

I can't figure out how much of the balance problem is Parkinson's and how much is Sciatica. Anybody share this problem? Any advice?


Hi banjo, I went to see nurse practitioner about a very similar feeling on Monday and just had a call from GP who is seeing me at 10 am today. My right leg feels numb it's like there is a band of numbness round my thigh and ankle I also have episodes of feeling like I have an electric shock in the sole of my right foot which is so painful I cannot put my foot to the floor as it wears off I have to walk on tip toe til I can put my foot down again. But the heavy and dead feeling in my leg is worse on sitting or lying in bed it truly is a pain on top of everything else I am not sure if it's PD related or something else I will let you know how it goes today Take care


Thanks for that Newdidit,

my leg is never painful it goes totally dead. That's when I'm at risk of falling.


let me know how it goes.