Dealing with bowel incontinence

Can anyone suggest the best way of dealing with soiling as my OH struggles to stand long enough for me to clean him.  The soiling can be at any time so getting a routine isn`t any help.  The district nurse suggested that I get him onto the bed and deal with it while he lies down.  But getting him from the wheelchair onto the bed is hard enough and then I would have to turn him to his `wrong` side so his bottom is towards the side of the bed. (We`ve still got a double bed, not enough room for 2 singles.)  I can`t get him into our shower room and the bath has a bath lift which means he is sitting down.

Thank you for any suggestions you can offer



I have no personal experience of this problem but wonder if you have room for a bidet or money to buy one of these toilets which wash and dry your bottom?

I do hope someone has advice which will help you.