Deciding to leave work?


I have worked for almost 40 years, presently in a managerial office role. For the last two years I have had poor performance reviews and this has led to referral to occupational health, Performance improvement plans, alteration to workload, my working day schedule and equipment adjustments. I was diagnosed with Parkinsons in 2009 and I am 57 yrs old. I have discussed with my line manager, personnel and my union and matters are slowly progressing. The stress has aggravated my symptoms and my GP has signed me off work for 4 weeks and suggested this may become long term. I am trying my very best to improve my work performance but it never seems to meet the required standard. Does anyone have any advice on how you coped with these type of problems and how you reached a decision. What are the pitfalls to avoid?

Hi Cliver
I am certain that you will get good advice from the forum members.
I can only suggest that you click onto the above thread "Employment and Benefits" and then read "Reasonable adjustments at work" lots of advice there.

Good luck and best wishes PB

Welcome Cliver
I recognise the kind of situations you describe. As Posh Bird says there is a lot of discussion on the forum about disability discrimination and the related rights and obligations.
Like you,I am still in work. I think only you can decide if and when it is right to cut down / leave. as far as possible you need to avoid being rushed out.

I wish you well.

Elegant Fowl

Hi Parkies,
I am interested to hear from those who continue to work with PD symptoms.
I am 60, recently confirmed with PD and currently taking Merapexin at a low dose to deal with the left arm shakes, anxiety, muscle cramps and other varied and strange experiences we get with this.
I have stopped work because of the symptoms and am trying to figure out how to earn a pound note in the future.
My business as a self employed furniture van driver has become impractical as the PD affects me in different ways on different days.
Therefore I cannot predict what I can achieve, or not, on any given day.
It would be good to hear how others are functioning in similar circumstances?

Good evening Arsene

I still work full time. Enjoy my job and intend to keep working for as long as I can. This is my sole income so needs must as it where. However I do suffer with fatigue and on my days off I do little as possible and rest.
I think you need a positive attitude and a sense of hunour to keep going, as it is not easy. 5 years on from my dx and coping, not all good days though but do my best.
Would you consider a little part time job?

Best wishes PB

I have worked for NHS most of my adult life, following PD (43 at the time) 8 years ago I went from full time clinical work to 15 hours per week in an admin role. This past year really struggled and finally OH have pulled the plug following all the adjustments to work and times etc, and am currently going through the process of being of my employment being terminated due to my disbility. This is the right decision in my case, but not looking forward to the contact with job centre and ESA. I dont know who your employer is but the test of whether or not you are being treated fairly can ultimately be tested by others in a tribunal of necessry. Good luck