Decreasing alpha-synuclein in brain cellls

An Australian company, Prana Biotechnology has announced the discovery of a compound PBT434 which inhibits the accumulation of alpha-synuclein and subsequent cell death in transgenic animal models of PD.
interesting presentation but lacking in notes
Thanks for that Turnip. I am uncomfortable with their emphasis on MPTP induced neuron damage as the PD model for reasons already discussed on this forum. I was under the impression from their previous statement they had some relevant transgenic animal models. Maybe I'm missing something with the absence of notes.
i think the presentation may be a bit old and they have moved onto a better model. but i dont understand how they thought they could ever test a drug to stop a-sync build up with a model that doesnt include a-sync build up????
to answer my own question - if mtpt and pd have a causal point in common and the drug attacks that point then it is relevant. if metal chelation interupts both causal chains at an early shared point then it will work for both chains.
Does anyone know where pbt434 is extracted from ?
interesting site - they are firstly doing AD then Huntingtons then PD
different metals, different disease.
i think how you make their chemicals is a big secret!
btw, and it may be obvious but i didn't see it, PBT stands for Prana Bio Technologies and isnt a chemical name