Deep brain guitar stimulation

will i be able to play guitar after surgery doc?
of course
thats fantastic! i've always wanted to be able to

marx bros
Just as well they didn't do that with me then. They we have stuffed they electrodes in their own ears to drown out my caterwauling.

I always wanted to play the piano, like bobby crush. Yes he also wanted to play the piano despite hughie green's clappometer going off the scale along with bobby,

Anyway between austerity measures and nhs cuts; space restrictions: elf and safety regs and of course hygiene concerns I was denied a request for a grand piano. Not even a mouthie. I had my blues harp in the key of Cmaj all set up on my neck brace but, alas, it was not to be.

I picked the key of Cmajor as it contains no #'s or b's. but your more or less restricted to Camptown Races, all the doo-da-day.
I didn't know that seasick Steve was in for an operation.

Maybees general anaesthetic is the reason for the song lyrics for purple shadows. Where he sings his wee blue grass heart out about the "burniness" of love.

Seriousnessness? "BURNINESS"? Poetic licence too fariness as far as this biginess fan is conernedinessnessness. Ridiculousnessnessnesss.