Deep Brain Stimulation - How long does it last??

Hi, my FIL had DBS 10 years ago; he has recently switched from the replacement battery to a rechargeable one that will last min 9 years. He genuinely feels the battery isn’t working (we have checked, it is charged etc) my worry is the actual stimulator has reached it’s full capability. Would love/be interested to hear anyone who has had DBS and how long it has or how long you anticipate it to be effective for?

many thanks in advance!

Wife had Boston rechargeable dbs system fitted 5 years ago led to believe it should last 25 years. Charging does take a little to get head round. Once a week not quite enough be careful not to have to much material/clothes between skin and charging unit.

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Hi @MLShepherd,

I’m sorry to hear your FIL is having doubts about his DBS battery. I can certainly understand how this could be unsettling for him.

We do have a section on the website dedicated to deep brain stimulation, which includes a PDF downloadable information booklet. There may be something within it that you would find useful in regards to your FIL.

You can also reach out to one of our advisers on the helpline on 0808 800 0303 with any questions or concerns that you may have about his battery. They are a wealth of suggestions and support for all things Parkinson’s.

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Just read your DBS information booklet, you give plenty of “pros” what about the “cons”. My wife had the operation 5 years ago you never stop learning more cons that aren’t made clear before the “op”.

Antibiotics before you go to dentist
Restrictions on ultrasound examinations
Audio hearing tests
Laser treatments for eye conditions

The list just gets longer, and it’s very hard to find out the information luckily her DBS nurse always provides in info eventually. But she’s leaving NHS and no sign of replacement yet.

Wife says if she knew now what she did not know then she would have still gone ahead with DBS due to the benefits ie
constant violent tremor.