Deep Brain Stimulation information video


Hi all

As an ex professional videographer, I have decided to turn my hand to making some information videos about DBS.  I have just published "Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) Operation Scars", and more will follow!  I'd appreciate your honest feedback!


Ian  -


I had DBS at Bristol in March 2015.  I was 57.

An initial screen with some sort of warning about the gory photographs would be good.

None of my hair was removed for the operation, all the work was done at the back of my head.  My hairline is pretty much where yours is and no scars are visible.


Yeah good video i also had my dbs nearly 5yrs at Frenchay bristol my whole opp took 8.5 hours and was home in 3 days.

My scar was at front of head .just one scar open like a envelope


I too was surprised that DBS seemed to enhance my outlook on life.  It sure beats sitting, blank-brained, in a tatty armchair waiting for my next tablet to kick in.



Many thanks for the comments.  

I hadn't appreciated that some people would consider any of the photographs as being "gory", but I'm happy to take that on board, Martini/Peter.

I have been amazed at the variety of different scars for the same operation.  Some photos that I have been sent really have been a revelation. I consider myself very lucky to have had such a tidy job.




yep they all look good to me