Deep brain stimulation. Re-chargable or not


This will be my second battery replacement both lasting 3yrs roughly thinking about re-chargable as anyone got any views on this !


Hi Gus not heard from you in a long time.Hoping you get the answers you want.
Keep well.
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Na I know don’t go much on this forum liked the old one , you know the saying if it’s not broken why try and fix it! Hope your ok looking forward to the sun when it eventually gets here


Hi @gus,

Have you consulted with your doctor or Parkinson’s nurse? I’d advise that you do before you make any decisions. If you’re unsure, please give our helpline a call on 0808 800 0303 to speak to one of our advisers.

Do keep us posted on this.

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Yeah I spoke about it last time. I was just wondering if anyone has a rechargeable one .cheers


Well had my pre-opp Wednesday Bristol southmead hospital, going in this Thursday 5th to have my Medtronic 15yr rechargeable generator. As my other two batteries last just over 3.5yrs so this makes sense.


Hi Gus

Yup mate I have had the dbs surgery with implanted rechargeable batteries and it takes me about 30 - 40 minutes per week to recharge the batteries which is a synch really. I have a Boston vercise system comprising of a remote control which indicates not only the state of the control battery but also the charge level of the batteries in my chest. Thus far it has been great, and easy to use with a saddle bag type thing where the charger is placed in one side and a counterweight in the other. The charger is aligned over the implanted battery pack and one has to remain fairly still and motionless in order that the alignment stays correct. The system beeps if you move it out of alignment. The obvious benefits of having rechargeable batteries are that one does not have to return every 3 years or so to have them changed. I have been told that the rechargeable batteries have a lifespan of between 10 and 25 years.


Hi I’m going to southmead hospital this Thursday to have my Medtronic 15yr rechargeable battery.


Well all good at moment had Medtronic 15yr rechargeable wow what a piece of kit had it fitted wed they had to give me the good stuff to knock me out ,built like a rino still feeling tired now 4 days on them general annesthic are no good for you really messed my tablets up ie ON & OFF time but just getting back to normal, wow it’s Hot since I’ve had it fitted I have not had to charge at all yet,you get a belt to go round you to put charger in this keeps mobile also they gave 50 sticky patches you can use instead of belt good thing is when you need new patches just phone Medtronic they send free to you.They say belt harness tricky so this why give you stick on patches. I’ve sorted harness out but can understand other people use patches. Well can not say if Medtronic better than Boston, but I’m going to stick devil I know, so if I had Boston wires put in I’d stick with that.Big But you can go in a MRI unit with Medtronic so that’s a plus for me.All so there developing kit where they can keep eye on power level as it gets older so there’s no need to go in hospital, bit like heart pace makers, it’s all pretty amazing


Well not happy Medtronic 15yr rechargeable battery charger broke July 5th fitted will keep you all informed