Deep brain stimulation surgery

After many months and assessments i had the first stage op on thursday and the second one is next week. Not a pretty sight but staying upbeat. I know we're all different on here but i'd like to know what it was like for you? Slaf

Hi Smilelikeaflower


I had a regular appointment a couple of weeks ago at the hospital and as I have been so off lately, the doctor said again, as I had been informed last year, that I was getting to the end of my choice of drugs and I should start to think about DBS. The Consultant nor the Parkinson's Nurse Specialist were available to speak to so I could ask for their advice.

They won't hurry themselves in getting round to speaking to me about this so I'll just have to wait and find out when they are ready to tell me.

I'm pretty nervous about this happening to me but we'll see what happens over the next few weeks?  Watch this space.

All the best


Best thing I ever had done asleep the whole operation all done in one go bristol hospital takes a while to get right voltage and setting aswell as right amount meds so do not get dishearted I had very aggressive pd got tostage where tremors and dyskinsia unbearable now fixed thanks to the bristol team.only problem I have is drag my right foot but working on that with my new walking aid smart step for drop foot.main thing to do is stay active swim sauna steam plenty of sun
slaf you can private message if you want to's pretty scary but you've done the hard bit
Casie. If they don't hurry themselves bug the consultant and the parkinson's nurse.
Gus, thanks. All early signs are good (though that may be temporary). I have beaut of a black eye from the halo. Look like i've gone ten rounds with tyson! Slaf
where did you have yours done all I had was stitching and swollen head
Sheffield. The black eye came out two days after the op. I would post a pic but it would frighten but with the multicoloured hair everyone off. I hear bristol was good too. They do it in two stages up here. No idea why but if it works for them. Did you have to go through a detailed assessment procedure? Still got a minor shake but expect to be programmed up tomorrow...
yes I had to go for a week for the assessment.they say the swelling on the brain stops the parkinsons symptoms I got married acouple weeks after my least then I started too look less than ET.

Hi smilelikeaflower

I too had my DBS in 2 stages. First op on 12th March and second on 20th March. I stayed in hospital the whole time and came out on the 22nd. I have to wait until 1st May before I will be switched on. My symptoms disappeared immediately,but are slowly creeping back in.I also had a lovely black eye and hairstyle .The only thing that bothers me at the moment is the wires from the brain down to the simulator are very close to the surface, and even now 4 weeks later it is still very uncomfortable to sleep on.

Hopefully you have had your 2nd op by now , but don't be alarmed if you have quite bad bruising below the simulator, mine is still bruised. Probably not so bad for the males as they don't carry so much weight around that area !

Do take care of yourself when you get home, you will find that you do get tired.

Like Gus said , you can private message me if you would like to.

Best wishes and a speedy recovery.

hi angel I had dbs in one opp no bruising sounds like they pulled round abit but hey be worth it in the long run takes a while to get used to sleeping on the side dbs know I don't know there even there due a generater ie battery in the next couple months.did you have the new versise 25yr rechargeable battery or medtronics
hi angel you can private message me if you have any worries at all.take care