Deep Brain Stimulation

I resently had a consultation with a P D specialist and he has given me the option of have a deep brain stimulation operation.
I would like some feedback.

1. will I be off work a long time recovering.
2. will it stop me driving.
3. General personal out comes.

John B
Hi John B

We have lots of information on our dedicated deep brain stimulation webpage -

There is information on what deep brain stimulation involves, life after surgery (including driving recommendations) and some accounts of people's experiences of deep brain stimulation.

Hope you find it useful.

Best wishes
Dave, Digital Team
we have quite a few people on the forum who have had dbs. i am sure they will speak for themselves but generally the outcomes have been good.

Can anyone advise how long to stop driving after dbs surgery?

Hi Kelpies,
We just noticed this was your first post, and we wanted to say hi and welcome to the forum. We found an older forum thread on DBS surgery here, and there are others you can find via an easy search. We also wanted to make sure you’re aware of our free and confidential helpline at 0808 800 0303, which you can use for medical and personal advice, as well as referrals to local resources.
Best of luck with your recovery, and again, welcome to the community!
Moderation Team

Can’t remember when wife could start driving, but took advise off DBS nurse when could start again.

But you have to let DVLA know about DBS system and insurances.

But before long drives went around industrial estate roads on a Sunday when quite to cheque she could manage as after surgery you have periods of feeling tired.