Deep Brain Stimulation

Hi had anybody out there had DBS
The version I am inline to have is now done under a general rather than a local ansthic
Hi there, I have had the procedure. In Australia it is done in 2 stages. The first, you are awake under mild sedation. This is so they can be sure they have the correct location for the probes. They ask you a number of questions repeatedly during the procedure to ensure you are still aware of what is going on and they need you to be able to respond with right and left hand actions to see if the stimulation is working. Once they have that all sorted, they place you under general anaesthetic to put the implanted device under your chest wall and run the wires from your brain down to the chest under your skin. I have had a rechargeable battery implant, which requires a recharge every 7-10 days, but lasts up to 9 years. The previous version was non rechargeable and had to be replaced after 5 years. The procedure has been a godsend for me, allowing me to continue working (I am 50, been dxed for 9 years). If it wasn't for the surgery I would have been retired. Now I can see me working for at least 6-10 years more!

Good luck with your procedure, and may it be all that you hope for.:grin:


Hi Andyned

May i ask, in Australia did you have the DBS operation done as a private patient?

Hi Blue eyes

Yes, this was conducted as a Private patient. Any other questions, feel free to ask.


A. Parks,

I have received your PM. I am currently at work and will reply when I get home later this afternoon.


Thanks Andy for the feedback.

I would be interested to know if anyone here in the UK had DBS as a NHS patient? When i was a private PD patient aged 44, my neuro was in favour of me having DBS sooner rather than later. Now aged 52 and a NHS patient, he reckons I'm too young to be considered for DBS? I told him its less to do with my age, and more to do with money or the lack of it! He of course took the party line and said patient care comes before money! :rolling_eyes: :laughing:

I don't know how they've got the cheek!

Anyway, where do I go to get one of these deep brains? :fearful:

I have had DBS in November of last year
All went well until about Feb when i started having problems with the control unit, which they finally took out about a month ago, they intend to relocate i in two /three months time.
hey all @the forum .Im seeing a DBSconsultant on 10 of sept its my 1st seriouse consult about it any body tell what to expoect or to ask plz let me know as im a bit nervous about it .The thought of someone drilling a hole im my head does not excite me at all lol I mean pushing a couple of electrodes in i get that bit but how do they actually connect the wiring up surely it means drilling another hole to connect them ? or maybe im best off not asking that off to Oxford BTW anyone know if its a clean enviroment or not ?.How do i check them out.?So many questions ....