Deep Brain Stimulation

I have been looking at studies that indicate DBS benefits people in the early stages of Parkinson's.

I am sure some of you have had this procedure during more advanced stages of Parkinson's but why, if it would benefit people like me who have only been Dx for 2 years, is it not considered ?.


Many reasons i guess Caroline. it is considered by some neuros. i heard a woman speak last year at a PUK meeting who had it done early because she could not tolerate medications. in the study you refer to the patients were average age 52 and had had the condition for an average of 7.5 years.. If you follow the link in the article to another study published last year the researchers found mixed results after 3 years. Though it is miraculous for many people I still think we have alot to learn about it. i would like to know how long it lasts.

it is not a procedure to be taken lightly. there are substantial risks involved and from a practical nhs point of view, it is very expensive. i also doubt there is a large supply of underused neurosurgeons waiting for work.
i believe, though i may be wrong, that the outcomes are not accurately known as the process has improved with increased understanding of best practices and not enough time has past to get an accurate picture. but it is still essentially a treatment of symptoms and not a cure.

The reason I ask is that I have difficulty tolerating the medication. I have tried Mirapexin, which made me very ill and after 6 months the Neuro conceded it wasn't for me. I tried Neupro patches but they didn't help at all and gave me dry and itchy skin.
I am on Requip XL but can only tolerate 6mg before the hallucinations, sleep paralysis, sparkly vision ec sets in.
The only drug I can tolerate is Azilect which has been good when added to the low dose of Requip but my symptoms are progressing, where do I go from here?

My Neuro is keen for me to delay the use of Leva dopa due to its limited life span and my age (54). Bearing in mind my history with meds there is no guarantee I will be able to tolerate L-dopa anyway and what then?

Any suggestions gratefully received.


my apologies Caroline - i should have said that was an interesting article and thought provoking and thanks for posting.

Levadopa is a naturally occuring precursor to dopamine so hopefully you will find it easier.

all the best.

and sorry again.

as I said it was intolerance to medication that was the reason for early DBS that I heard about.

Not sure if I am breaking the rules here - this is the neurosurgeon whom I heard speak. I was most impressed by him. If you want to explore this further then he is the man I would talk to ( very approachable),