Deep Brain Stimulation

I underwent DBS 4 weeks ago the treatment at the Walton Center was excellent place on a new ward, first rate, starting tuning in Wednesday 13th Feb, My head still in a touch of pain and resting my head at night is only possible by lying on my back but no big complaints.
I have informed the DVLA but i was wondering how long before i can resume driving if any body has any experiences,i receive high level mobility due to operation my mobility may change will i lose my entitlement
Hi John B
I am considering whether to have DBS at Walton. I see my consultant next in August when the decision will be made so I am very interested in your experiences there.
Can't help with DVLA OR benefits questions, sorry.
one famous recipient was videoed jumping over a fence, i expect he lost his mobility allowance. i expect he didn't care at the time.